See And Know The Goodness I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  October 10, 2016 —  Comments

And as you continue to receive understanding regarding your power, your talents, your strength, and your direction, know I will also continue to reveal your capacity to accomplish too. For I have put a plan into motion, and I have created you to work together with me in it. I have revealed these things to you, and will continue to fill in the missing pieces along the way. I will not only show you your path, your power, and your talents, but I will also show you your capacity to accomplish as well.

And with this understanding of your capacity you will be able to rightly and accurately foresee your rate of acceleration. For you will already know your talent and your power, and with your capacity you will have the missing element to be able to understand timelines. So allow me to reveal all these missing pieces to you, so you can walk and abide in knowledge and understanding of what I have in store for you. For it is my heart’s desire to show you all these good and wonderful things, so that your hope will be strong, that your joy will be full, and your focus will be resolute.

For I desire that you walk in understanding, for in doing so you will circumvent the stress, worry, and anxiety that will do you no good. As you see decades in the making you will no longer be impatient of things yet to come, expecting them to mature so quickly. But instead you will see and know your capacity and will be able to perceive the timelines from very far off. And with this understanding your character and maturity will govern your response, creating a safe and realistic space for you to plan and execute your plan.

For I will grant you all you need in order to accomplish what I’ve given you. I will open the doors of, not only opportunity, but also of capacity, talent, and power too. I will withhold from you nothing you need. I will hold you back in no way. I will slow you down in no way. I will show you time and time again and continue to remind you day after day, my plans and the direction I have for you.

So do not let your heart be troubled, for you will see and know the goodness of all I have for you. You will see and know and understand your timelines so much better as I continue to grant perspective and insight regarding your capacity, both individually, as well as collectively too. Do not let your heart be troubled, but relax and let go of your worry, fear, and apprehension. For these things will serve you in no good way. These things will only occupy your energy and steal from you the very seed and desire of what I have already given you.

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