See My Visions Without Prejudice Or Contamination

Neil Vermillion —  December 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

Allow me to guide you and speak to you through symbols and types. Allow me to have the full liberty of conveying temporal ideas through inarticulate messengers, and doing so in a multi-dimensional medium. For the visual realms convey stories, types, and shadows and lend themselves to multiple meanings simultaneously. Allow me to speak to you in your eyes, for what you see and gaze upon is part of what you will become. So allow me to fill your heart with my delights. Allow me to fill your eyes with my beauty, and my images. Allow me to touch your heart in intimate and personal ways, the way only I can. (1)

Do not resist the ambiguity you find yourself surrounded by. Even though confusion and uncertainty may be surrounding you, know it is not my intent to leave you there. Even though you will experience these things, know I am bringing about greater clarity and understanding for you, and am singing the songs you need to hear, and doing so in the hour you need to hear them. I will speak to you through a variety of channels. I will speak to you through a variety of different messengers, and as a result you will begin to discern my voice regardless of the style, regardless of the channel, or regardless of the clothes the messenger happens to be wearing in the moment.

In this you will come to know a different dimension of who I am. You will receive the obvious, surface level meaning, but as you continue to gaze upon what I have shown you, you will also come to see insights about my heart, and about who I am, and about who we are together. Though it will be challenging for you to dismantle your carnal, preconceived ideas at times, my grace is upon you to empower you to digest all I am feeding you. (2)

So embrace the imagery and do not look too deeply, nor dismiss with impatience, what I am showing you in this moment, for it will do your heart good and will serve you well. Do not reject the icons, and symbols I have chosen, for they represent something bigger and greater. Do not doubt what I have given you, for though it is still in the process of growing, it is still glorious, even this very minute.

Acknowledge what I have given you, and the process initiated in your life. Allow me to encourage you as I instruct and guide you. Allow me to love you and heal you so your heart is not heavy, and your hope is not bruised as you continue to walk with me. Allow my tenderness to interpret your questions, so you will be patient and capable of hearing my words and seeing my visions without prejudice or contamination.

(1) Joel 2:28-29 (2) John 16:13-15

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