Seeing With Accuracy And Clarity

Neil Vermillion —  August 17, 2016 —  Comments

And even this day as you sit before me and inquire, I will continue to clear the fog of confusion presently before your eyes. I will make your path clear and you will see it with distinction, having no question or doubt within you. And though you have experienced doubt and confusion in the past, today I will grant you confirmation and confidence in knowing my will for your life. I will confirm my plans. I will confirm the path laid out before you. And you will recognize my voice as I shine my light upon you. You will know me and know your place, your path, and your timing, even this day.

For I desire to bring you to a place of clarity. I desire to bring you to a place of confidence. So understand, when you are confused, when you are uncertain, when you are not able to understand where you are or where you are going, reach out to me and allow yourself to encounter me fully. For I will speak to you and I will guide you. I will function as your leader, your navigator, your instructor, showing you the way, as well as the time.

Allow me to open your heart in spite of doubt, in spite of confusion, in spite of fear. For my spirit will speak to you clearly and I will part the seas on your behalf. I will not only open closed doors, but I will shine my light of confirmation as well. So not only will the door be open before you, but you will also have the confirmation you need and desire too.

With all of these things in mind continue to inquire of me. Open your heart to feel me. Open your ears to hear me. Open your eyes to see what I am saying. Open yourself and allow me to speak plainly to you. And in doing so I will not turn you away, but will bring you close to my side and reveal my heart and my good plans for you, as I remove the fog from before your eyes allowing you to see all things with accuracy and clarity.

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