Seeing Problems From A Fresh Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  January 25, 2019 —  Comments

While you are growing in your capacity to observe my presence day by day, you will learn to abide with me even when you are very active and very busy. My presence will go before you in all things, for you are a carrier of my spirit. You will see yourself the way I see you. You will see others the way I see them. And over time, things will begin to make sense to you more and more. And your eyes will see, your ears will hear, and the pieces of the puzzle will come together more quickly and more accurately. You will not continue to walk in the fog and confusion you have experienced in your past, but will walk and abide in knowledge and understanding as I continue to reveal it to you. (1)

It is my plan to give you clarity not only about today, but also about tomorrow. It is my plan to highlight things you will need to know, and the things you should observe. It is my plan to emphasize all the activities you need to respond to, as I show you the activities you need to learn to ignore. I will show details and specifics about events, plans, people, as well as times and seasons for today, as well as for tomorrow. (2)

As a result of this greater knowledge, new answers will become available to you. You will see your problems with a fresh perspective. You will see obstacles from a new and different angle. You will see solutions you did not see previously. And these little details, though small, will make a big difference. Though seemingly insignificant at first glance, these little details will give way to solutions you have not considered before.

You will see challenges that were previously considered as impossible, but now will see ways to overcome them. You will see answers to problems you did not see before. Your understanding will increase so you will be able to see new innovations, and find new solutions, even to old and persistent problems. You will be able to defeat the what was previously considered undefeatable.

As this continues, you will collect momentum, moving faster and faster, with greater consistently. As my presence goes with you, and my truth continues to guide you, surely you will also know me more deeply day by day. (3)

(1) Luke 12:48, 2 Corinthians 4:18
(2) Psalm 119:105, John 16:12
(3) Ephesians 1:17, Galatians 6:9

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