Seek Me In My Word

Neil Vermillion —  August 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you seek me in my word you will find I am more relevant today than you previously thought. I am fully aware of all that is happening in your life and I am involved in your daily happenings. And as you seek me in my words you will begin to become sensitive to my influence, activity, and presence in your daily life in no small way. For you will come to know me and recognize me. You will recognize my scent, my methods, and my signature, and in doing so will begin to see me in places you previously did not.

For I have many messengers and many channels through which I communicate. I have many voices, many mediums, many frequencies through which I transmit my message and communicate my love. As you receive my words you will begin to perceive me in ways you did not years ago. So continue to seek me in all you do, but continue also to seek me in my words. For my words are living and active, and sharper than any sword. My words will convey meaning and ideas, but they will also give way to discernment, courage, hope and truth. Your mind will be engaged with me through my words, but so also will your heart. In fact, every single aspect of who you are will be engaged with me through my words.

So when you need me, when you need my power, my support, my affirmation seek me in my words. When you need me to guide you, to inspire you, to correct you, seek me in my words. When you are hurt, angry, or disappointed seek me in my words. When you are victorious, elated, hopeful, and joyful seek me in my words. Seek me in my words in the day, as well as in the night. Seek me through my words and allow me to not only speak to you, but to engage and transform and shape you.

For my words will affect change within you and your circumstances, in no small way, and will do so continually and consistently. My words will bring about what you want, but my words will also bring about what you need too. My words will never pass away, but will always remain, so invest yourself in my words. Invest your time, your heart, your hope, and your belief in my words. Invest all you have, and allow me to take your investment and multiply it.

As you already know my words will not return to me empty, but they will most certainly accomplish the plan and purpose for which I sent them. So as you invest in my word, know I will multiply that investment and return it back to you with great increase.

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