Seek Me

Neil Vermillion —  October 21, 2019 —  Comments

In these present days, understand the confusion you are experiencing is completely normal. Your natural mind will want to make sense of your circumstances, as well as make sense of particular mysteries. But alas, your natural mind will be unable. Your natural ways will not be able to discern all I am doing, for this revelation is spiritually discerned. You will have to seek me by spirit, beyond your natural mind, to understand these things. You will have to seek out my revelation given you through times of sharing in my presence together as you seek me with all your might. (1)

There is a distance and strangeness, that is not tolerable to me. There is an unfamiliarity that is not acceptable to me. So in this time of making yourself ready, know part of the process is to seek me diligently, with all your might, and with all the time and strength you can muster. In these days I am establishing you in new rivers. I am planting you in new fields. I am birthing many new things within you, and birthing many new things through you. So as you feel compelled, upset, and off-balance look to me to be your source. I will be your balance. I will be your guide and inspiration. I will bring righteous equilibrium to you and all the things in your life. (2)

Seek me in the morning and in the evening. Seek me in your time of need and also recreation. As you seek, surely you will find, and you will not be disappointed with all you will discover. I have many things in store for you – things you have no clue about, things you have never conceived, nor considered. In this time of seeking, many questions will be answered for this is a time of establishing you and setting you on a solid foundation for the next few years to come. (3)

As you seek me, and seek answers to your questions – how you should proceed, should you move, should you forget certain things, should you adopt other things, should you abandon certain things – I will surely not remain silent, but will answer you and fill your heart and mind with the confirmation you need as well. I will answer you in this critical time, and will speak clearly to remove the haze from before your eyes, so you can see clearly, understand completely, and move forward with great confidence. (4)

Seek me, my Dear Children. Seek me and I will show you all you are looking for.

(1) Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7, Hebrews 10:35, 1 Corinthians 2:14
(2) Matthew 11:28-30, Jeremiah 29:13, 2 Samuel 22:2
(3) Matthew 6:33, Leviticus 19:31
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