Sharing All Good Things Today

Neil Vermillion —  October 28, 2016 —  Comments

You understand, but you understand partially. You dream, but do so through broken glasses. You run, but do so with your feet tethered together. I see all these things, even more than you know in your own heart, and will continue to pursue you and reveal myself to you in extravagant, creative, imaginative and incomprehensible ways. I have put my mark upon you, and bought you, ransoming you from your own self, and selfish, destructive ways, liberating you from your own devices and habits.

I have seen you from afar and have chosen you. I have seen you at a distance and made direct course to intercept you. I have seen your depravity but did not see you as unlovely. I have seen you truthfully, but have pursued you time and time again. And even this day I am showing my heart to you, speaking to you, enticing you to adopt my generosity and kindness. I will persuade and inspire you to choose the good path, to taste the good fruits, and enjoy the blessings I desire to bestow upon you and your family.

You have misunderstandings, erroneous concepts that hinder you, that block and contaminate the experience of who we are together. But in spite of all these I am showing you the way. I am shining the light of my favor upon you, for you are mine. You belong to me, and over the course of time I will continually, and patiently, show you the value and significance of what this really means. Inch by inch we will progress together as you grow in the knowledge, understanding, and experience of who I am.

And you will begin to see and know me, and you will begin to appreciate and comprehend the magnitude and majesty of our union together. Your heart be touched, and your worries will be silenced, as you perceive the brightness of your future. For you will see me as I am, and know me as I am, but you will also see and know my plans for you too. Together we will enjoy our time, as we fellowship and share all the good things today, and in our future.

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