Shining My Light Upon You Now

Neil Vermillion —  October 26, 2016 —  Comments

Though your strength fades, and your knowledge is limited, do not be downcast. Do not be discouraged as you see events on the horizon of your timeline, for I will open the path of strength and understanding you need. I will grant you specific insights so you will birth the strategy needed. I will grant you the strategy that will give way to the timing and strength you need. I will omit no essential piece, but will ensure your capacity to triumph in your times of tragedy, chaos, turmoil, and resistance.

So do not look at the shadows, as though they possess any real power, for I will expose the lies and deceptions you have believed, and will allow you to walk in total and complete understanding. And with this understanding you will see yourself so very differently than you do now, and have in the past. From this place of understanding, all the revelation of days of old will also come to your recollection, and you will see old dreams, and remember their details and emotions. You will remember dreams of old, and will recall the importance and significance of things you previously presumed you had long forgotten.

I will resurrect your memory and you will see it come to pass, all the seeds sown within you will bear the fruit originally intended. For my word will not return to me void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it. And in the same way, you also will accomplish the purpose I have given you, as I continue to reveal who we are in our union together. And you will walk in truth, and will no longer fear the shadows on the wall, for you will know who you are, and you will know who I am.

I know your desire and appetite for the dramatic. I know your fascination with the unknown. And surely I will speak to you in this way. Surely I will dazzle and amaze you, even beyond what you can conceive. I will capture your attention and imagination, but I will also direct you through the drivel. I will reveal myself to you in the mundane, and the forgettable. I will show myself strong through your weakness and through your limits. So do not fear these things, nor avoid them, as if they could ever hold me back, as if they could ever limit me, my power, or my plans.

I will train you and direct you and instruct you through the big, but also through the small. I will reveal myself to you continually, again and again, in fascinating ways, but also in the uneventful as well. So remain sensitive, remain open, remain vigilant, for I am speaking now, guiding you now, shining my light upon you now, even this very day.

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