The Significance Of Small Victories And Little Emotions

Neil Vermillion —  November 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

In the calmness of my peace I will speak to you, and you will hear me differently than you’ve heard me before. You will hear me without fear, without anxiety, without desperation. You will hear me clearly and without prejudice, simply receiving what I am saying without criticism, cynicism, or skepticism. And with this openness you will be able to hear and receive what I am actually saying, rather than pushing against the presumptions in your heart that resist my will and my plans for your life (1).

And as you receive the truth of what I am communicating to you, you will experience the lightness and joy of my revelation. You will not desire to edit my messages. You will not attempt to reconstitute aspects you do not like, but will eat the scroll, and digest what I am giving you (2).

And as a result you will be able to hear more clearly, for the self-created noise will be reduced. Over the course of time, you will no longer be clouded by your own thoughts, feelings, fears, and other voices that influence your hearing. You will know my voice, and will listen to me, and will receive what I am saying. This is my promise to you. This is the hope I offer to you, that you will hear me clearly, and regularly. This is the hope I offer you, that you will know my heart for you, and that you will realize we are one, bonded together in the unity of my spirit (3).

In this hope you will emerge courageous, for as you come to know not only who I truly am, but also my will, my plans, and my great power, you will no longer entertain the contamination of conventional means, but will follow my path without question, without hesitation. As you drink from the purity of my fountain, you will completely lose your taste for other sources, and as a result, will recognize my voice, and follow it solely, without reservation.

So do not underestimate the small advance, the small victories, the little emotions of your heart or the little thoughts on your mind, for all these point you closer to a greater understanding of who I am, if you will embrace and acknowledge them and engage with me in them. Together I will show you all the wonders of the cosmos, even the mysteries in your own heart. You will find there is no place you can escape from my presence, from my knowledge, from my power, or from my great love. You will run away only to find I am with you still, and in your realization of your futility you will dismantle the gatekeepers and walls that have hindered my voice and influence in your life (4).

(1) 1 John 3:2 (2) Ezekiel 3:3, Revelation 10:10 (3) Hebrews 4:12, John 10:27, Galatians 3:28 (4) Colossians 1:27, Ephesians 3:4, Psalm 139:8

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