The Simplicity Of Truth Too Good To Be True

Neil Vermillion —  May 29, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you have known me in the past, so also shall you know me in the future. For just as I have revealed myself to you in days gone by, so also will I continue to reveal myself to you in days soon coming. For it is my heart to love you, to shine upon you, to bless you, and to abide with you. So do not fear what is in your future, as if I will ever leave you, but walk in confidence knowing I am always with you in all things.

In the simplicity of this truth your heart will remain secure, no longer looking for solutions to problems that do not exist. Embrace the simplicity of what I am, who I am, and all that is readily available to you, even this day, and do not let your heart grow weary, confused, or overwhelmed. For my truth is simple and my yoke is light and my burden is easy, so do not attempt to alter these things, in order to accommodate your previous ways of thinking, being, or doing.

But trust in me in all things, even the simple. Trust in me in all things, even the plain, boring, and mundane. Trust in me even when it feels you are making no progress. Trust in me in all things for you have known me now, and will continue to know them more and more day after day, for all eternity. Let me remind you of my great promises for you. Let me remind you of my great love for you. Let me remind you of my faithfulness, and the demonstrations of my extravagant nature towards you. For in all these things you will rest, and find your hope and solution with me. You will not need to fear, or search, or strive, or worry for in me all things are complete, and all things have been taken care of already.

Though simple, do not doubt what I say to you, but trust me like a child. Walk with me in all your ways, for all your days, and we will share in the fellowship together that will empower you and encourage you day after day, as you continue to sit with me and enjoy our union together. For as you listen to me, and follow me, you will surely come to know me. And as you continue to come to know me your heart will not doubt. Your mind will be at ease and your circumstances will remain blessed. For I have overcome all things, even the simplicity of truth that seems so easy to believe its acknowledgement can be offensive, as if it were too good to be true.

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