Singing The Song Placed Within You

Neil Vermillion —  June 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

Let yourself grow freely as I continue to inspire you. I will lead you not into temptation, but will lead you to the realms of freedom and liberation. I will lead you past the conventions of yesterday, in order to give full expression to the song within you. For your song is unique to you, and it is through sharing this song with others you will not only be blessed, but will bless others too.

Do not quiet the voice and song and inspiration I have sparked within you, even though it is inconvenient and misunderstood at times. Do not give in to the societal pressures of the day, but instead speak and sing with courage. Sing with courage and sing with volume, for the song I have given you is wonderful and beautiful. The song I have given you is part of your contribution to The Family. So do not be shy, and do not apologize for the song I have given you, for it was given you by me.

Instead proclaim with boldness and confidence the message and music placed within you. I have given it to you in order for it to be fully expressed. I have shown you my very heart and have put my spirit within you, in order to equip you and empower you to move forward and take action.

Continue to listen to my voice, and do not judge yourself too harshly. For you know in part and you understand in part. You only see a very small piece of the entire puzzle, so do not judge yourself as if you could see and comprehend it all. Instead move forward in faith, believing. Believe I am with you. Believe I am guiding you. Believe I am inspiring you, helping you, enabling you, and overshadowing you along the way. Do not put the entire stock of faith in yourself, for the responsibility of sheep is to follow the shepherd.

Walk by faith, and listen to my voice. Continue in the direction I have laid before you, for what I have for you is far greater than what your mind has fully perceived, even what you have perceived in part, let alone in its entirety.

And when you feel overwhelmed, take your time to rest and recreate and recover, for in doing so you will also exercise your trust in me, and your trust in who I am. You will exercise your trust in my role and in your role, and will remove all doubt and confusion. So let go of all the thoughts flooding your mind even this very minute.

Let go of the fears, and worries, and apprehensions, for they are nothing in comparison to my great leadership. They are nothing in comparison to fellowship and manifestation of my spirit. They are nothing in comparison to what I have in store for you – what has yet to be fully revealed.

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