Sit Before Me To Allow Your Transformation

Neil Vermillion —  December 18, 2018 —  Comments

As things in this world continue to unfold before you, it is a time for you to set yourself apart unto me. For there are many things I want to show you. There are many things I still want to reveal to you, my beloved. For now is a time of understanding, and a time of greater revelation. For the plans yet unknown will be a mystery to those without eyes to see. The plans will not be solved by human wisdom, nor by logic, nor by reasoning. (1)

It is a time to sit before me, and allow me to know you by my spirit. It is a time to come away with me in to your secret, inner-most place of your mind and your soul. For there are greater things I’ve not mentioned before. There are greater things I still have in store for you that you know nothing about it. And it is for my good pleasure I hid these things. And it is for my good pleasure I will reveal these things to you, for those willing to listen, for those willing to make the time to quiet their minds and come away with me. (2)

For these plans not only speak about duty, but also of matters of the heart. These plans are not only strategy and timing, though they will include those things. These plans also deal with motives of my heart, and issues that are close to me. So it will require an understanding of me. It will require a communion and intimacy together. It will not be able to be accessed through thoughts, riddles, and puzzles. It will be accessed only through the matters of the heart. (3)

So I am calling you to allow me to saturate your environment. I am asking you to allow me to permeate your very nature, your very essence, your very identity. As you come away with me, you will be transformed, and even some will not recognize you as you change. And I will take you away to our secret place and show you wondrous mysteries, and your heart and mind will be mesmerized by them. I will surprise, astonish, intrigue, and amaze you in every way. And you will see and taste of my goodness and you will know and understand the things laid up for you. (4)

As you are transformed, my presence will go before you and continue to influence you, and to influence those around you, and to influence your environment as well. It is through this transformation you will be able to steward the vision of the future. Through this transformation you will be able to accurately and completely partner with me together. For it will require not only a transformation of your mind, but also a transformation of your heart. It will require you to know me so closely, so personally. (5)

It is a very close and intimate matter. So come away with me. Come to me day after day, and I will show myself to you. I will not hide from you, and you will not be disappointed.

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