Sit With Me

Neil Vermillion —  June 6, 2017 —  Comments

I see you are perplexed by decisions presented to you this day and hour. I know you feel compelled to move in new directions, yet you desire to remain faithful to your present path and responsibilities. I know you feel pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. I know you see multiple outcomes and want to do my will in all these things.

So let yourself go quiet, as I have mentioned to you in the recent past. Let your mind go quiet and do not dwell on issues of the day, particularly those beyond your influence or control. Do not allow these things to keep your mind busy and active, for in doing so they occupy the limited bandwidth you possess and distract you from my still, small voice.

But listen to me in the cool of the evening and walk with me, in the times you feel you need perspective. Walk with me and listen to me regularly and frequently, not merely in the times you feel the stress and pressure and confusion of the day.

But sit with me, and we will fellowship together. Sit with me, and learn of me. For there are many things you will experience and learn in our times of sharing together in intimate encounter. There will be an awakening to your attention of deposits already made within you, as you sit with me and allow me to direct your attention.

Many times you seek my counsel and ask me questions, yet you are slow to listen, slow to take heed, slow to adopt the changes I have already given you. You are quick to follow your routines and follow your busy lifestyle, for it is familiar to you, and it offers a false sense of security because you are busy.

But instead, come away with me. For in our seclusion and aloneness together you will encounter me in surprising and refreshing ways. I will renew you in ways you have not fully experienced or fully understood yet. I will guide you in ways you have not fully appreciated or respected, just yet. I will empower you and invigorate you, not only with hope in your heart and mind, but also in your body and in your circumstances, supplying you will the capacity and strength to endure and to accomplish.

I will give you all that you need for today and for tomorrow. And as you continue to come away with me you will find I am your source – your source for all that you need and desire. But you will also find in our times of intimate encounter I am more.

I am more than you know of. I am more than you thought to ask. I am more than you though could ever be possible. I am more than you will ever need, and I will impart my abundance and greatness to you.

You will find I am your source, and will not be disappointed in me in any way. You will find as you continue to walk with me, listen to me, and know me, I am your very source, not only of the outward things you need, but also the very source of all that you need – both outward as well as inward too. I am your source for everything, and as you continue to encounter me you will learn and discover the safety of your dependency on me.

So do not worry or fear. Do not allow the circumstances of the day to overwhelm you, but sit with me. Sit with me in the cool of the evening. Sit with me when you are tired. Sit with me when you are discontent. Sit with me when you are worried. Sit with me when you need me most. Sit with me when you are happy, excited, exuberant, and in all things.

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