Slow Progress In Seasons Of Breaking New Ground

Neil Vermillion —  December 20, 2019 —  Comments

You are in a season of advancement and breaking new ground. As in any season of breaking new ground, the cost is high. The process is difficult for you will be required to blaze new trails. So understand, as you continue to press on and move forward, progress may feel slow. You may feel as though you are not advancing whatsoever, but this is because you are forging new paths. Forging new paths is difficult, tedious work, so do not fall prey to discouragement simply because it is slow, for this is the path I have marked for you to travel. (1)

Though you feel progress is slow, do not give up, for I will give you my hope and courage to enable you. I will give you my strength so you can complete all that required of you. I will give you my vision, so you will understand the landscape and discern how to navigate the territory. (2)

In all your work, sweat, stress and struggle, do not compare your path to the path of others. Though you come from your father, you are not your father. Though you come from your generation, you were not born of previous generations. These days are different than your predecessors and the path of your ancestors and was different. Do not compare your path to the path of those who have come before you, for theirs was a different path than yours.

Instead, remain faithful to what I have called you to pursue. Follow my spirit as I guide you through your individual path. I have created you with this in mind and given you a specific purpose with a specific call, to accomplish specific tasks. As you remain faithful, all these things will begin to make sense over time and the context of your origins will no longer seem mysterious, but will become hyper-relevant. (3)

As you continue, understand and expect there will be resistance and delays from time to time. This is all part of the process, and through it, you will see everything come to pass, as you trust in me, but also in my timing. (4)

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