So Much Delight If You Are Willing To Accept It

Neil Vermillion —  October 19, 2015 —  Comments

Though you know me, and have known me, there is still so much you do not know. There is so much in store for you as you continue to sit with me and allow the revelation of my spirit, of my presence, of my glory to saturate and transform your heart, your mind, your environment, and even your present and your future. For I there are no new truths. There is nothing new under the sun, but as you sit with me I will open up insights you have not seen before. I will show you truth you have not encountered before. I will show you delights you have not considered before.

As you allow the influence of my spirit to shape you, you will begin more and more to grasp the magnitude of what I have in store for you. And as you continue to consume what I present to you, as you continue to chew and digest it, as you continue to allow it to saturate your being, you will begin to see timelines very differently. For there is an understanding available to you, and it will shape and shift the way you see and think about the future. For the reality of what I have for you, in this present moment as well as the future, is so great, so incredible, and the timing of it all will look different to those who have a limited, fixed, or closed mind.

But as you sit with me time and time again, your mind will become more and more open as you allow my presence to soak into you, change you, transform you, and even delight you. There is so much delight for you if you are willing to accept it. There is so much fun, so much joy, so much clarity, so much peace, if you are willing to embrace it and discard your former way of living.

And all the things that bother you, the delays, the hindrances, the denials, the hurts, the fears, the catastrophes, all will be seen freshly from a new perspective as you continue to see time more and more closely to the way I see it. And with this perspective of time you will be free from all these weights, all these burdens, and you will truly find your unshakable peace. So as you sit with me, allow my presence to mold you, to shape you, to open you up, so you can receive all I have for you in this day and season as well as days and seasons to come.

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