So Much Yet To Be Revealed To You In The Days Ahead

Neil Vermillion —  December 4, 2018 —  Comments

Today I am also moving upon the hearts to restructure perceptions. I am moving upon minds to encourage new thoughts and even begin to challenge previous ways of thinking. It is my desire to awaken new insights and to point you to new paths of understanding. In this time of new introduction and redirection there will also be an awakening of new motivation, and new inspiration for the things I’ve purposed within you. For it is my joy to bring you into the light and have you walk, live, and understand more of the deep things I have in store for you. (1)

Surely I do not desire for you to walk confusion, or to stumble in confusion, or remain in confusion. It is my desire to reveal myself to you, but also to reveal my plans to you too. I am calling you to my heart so you know me face to face, and heart to heart. It is my desire that we grow closer together and from this place of closeness, all revelation and understanding, and yes, even assignment, will flow and mature. (2)

There are creative colors I wish to use to design the new things I am birthing within you in this time. As of now, you’ve gone to a certain level, and you’ve done well with it, but know for sure, there is more in store, and there are many things yet to be shown and displayed. There is an abundance of innovation being made available at your finger tips. And along with this innovation will be required not only an expanse in the knowledge of me, but also an expanse in the experience of me. It is from me all these things will flow and it is another layer of unveiling myself, who I am, who I am not, to this world.

As you come to know me you will come to know my plans. As you come to know my plans, you will come to know who I am. I desire to awaken those still sleeping and call them out of their slumber and in to their fullness of the life before them. For some have many things that have not been initiated yet, but still their hearts cry out for more. So know this: to whom much is given, much will also be required. And know this; the one who shows himself faithful in the little, will be given more. And still more and more will he receive as he continues to say yes, and continues to walk in faithfulness and obedience to my ways, to my spirit, and to my timing of it all. (3)

Even today you will begin to reap where you have already sown. Even today you will begin to receive the fruits from the faithfulness of your labor from the past. Know this is a foreshadowing of the things I have laid up in store for you, which are yet to be revealed. These are first fruits, not the entirety of the matured harvest. There is still so much I have in store for you, and still there is much mystery yet to be revealed. I will make myself known to you, and as you continue to remain faithful you will surely know me by my spirit. (4)

(1) Romans 12:2, 1 Corinthians 2:9
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(3) Ephesians 5:14, Psalm 42:7, Luke 12:48, Luke 16:10
(4) Romans 8:18

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