Speaking To You In Ways Your Mind Cannot Understand

Neil Vermillion —  January 17, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this day and in this way I am moving within your heart to inspire new thoughts and new understanding. I am speaking to you in ways your mind will not hear, but your heart will. Do not let this confuse you, but understand what I am saying, for as I speak you will surely receive not only the seeds I am giving you, but the full comprehension too, even though your mind will not be the initial receptacle for my instruction.

Listen to your heart, and to what I am speaking to it. Listen to the emotion I am stirring within you. Listen to the thoughts you do not think with your mind, for in these channels I am speaking to you. You will find many times you will receive my instruction more clearly, more purely in these channels, for you will not be bombarded with criticism. Do not fear the voice you cannot hear, but listen to what I am saying within your heart too. For your mind is good, but your heart is also good, and also valid.

So bring them both together in union and receive all I am giving you, for I will instruct you in the things you need. But be aware at times my voice will be more readily heard, in one channel than another, particularly as your mind is clouded with other thoughts, goals, and perspectives. You will find my voice more readily in your heart at times, while other times you will not. For it is also true you will be overwhelmed with emotions, and personal desires, that will also cloud the ears of your heart.

So do not disregard your heart nor your mind. Likewise do not favor one over the other. I have given you both, and have equipped you with both for good reason. You will find balance to your reason in weighing and considering what your mind hears and thinks, against what you heart hears and thinks. Both are good, and both are needed. Both are righteous, and both are valid. So listen to my voice from wherever you may hear it.

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