Special Provision For Discerning What I Am Saying

Neil Vermillion —  May 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me and allow me to not only pour out my vision, but also drip it upon you, you will come to apprehend and understand the significance of repetition. I will show you some things only once, but other things I will show you many times. I will use repetition frequently in my words in order to bring emphasis. As you hear it many times you will begin to discern its importance. So also, through my visions, impressions, inklings, hints, and clues, I will utilize repetition in various forms to not only convey a particular meaning, but also convey its importance as well.

So be mindful of this. Be aware as I reiterate a concept, message, or idea over and over again, for I am doing so for a deliberate purpose. I am repeating it for a specific outcome. So be aware as you begin to observe the repetition of images, themes, and symbols. Take note and be aware, for I am doing so in order to direct your attention, but also to convey its importance too.

Walk in the great abundance I am showing you, even though it will frequently look different than you want it to. It will frequently look different than you have presumed it should look. It will look differently than what makes sense to you, particularly as you observe how timelines develop and manifest. Though it will look different, do not dismiss it or disregard it, for my revelation will bring life, hope, and perspective to you. Do not disregard it for it will bring the spark you need, as well as the correction you need as well.

It is easy to quickly gloss over the sentiments I am giving you. It is easy to dismiss them in the here and now. It is easy to overlook what I am saying and misunderstand it or jump to premature conclusions. So know I am giving special attention to you, giving special confirmation to you, giving special provision in order to assist you not only in receiving, but also in discerning what I am saying.

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