Spirit Of Innovation And Creativity

Neil Vermillion —  July 2, 2019 —  Comments

There is an innovative spirit and mindset I am awakening within you today. Even though you have not thought yourself to be creative in the past, know I am awakening the spirit of innovation within you. This spirit will allow you to make changes and improvements, and even create new possibilities and options within your existing circumstances. Throw away yesterday’s mindset as you embrace the inner shaking and awakening of my spirit of innovation stirring within you. Even though it may feel foreign to you at first, you will grow in strength and skill in this area if you will continually exercise your creativity, for I have put my gift of creativity within you. (1)

I have put my gift of insight within you, allowing you to see options and potential before you. I have put my ability to create, make new, and invent, deep within you. Creating, innovating, improving, and adjusting are all part of my nature manifesting within you. So embrace this spirit of innovation today. Now begin to consider the obstacles of your past, the limits that prevented your advancement, and the things out of your reach, and begin to reach, aspire, and move towards them again. Begin to believe for the solutions that previously eluded you. Begin to believe I will supply you with the answer to overcome all obstacles for the work I have assigned to you. (2)

This spirit of innovation, though foreign at first, will become quite normal to you as you learn to observe and cooperate with it regularly. It will add fire to your step and confidence to the work you are pursuing, knowing I am with you and knowing this creativity is truly from me, not only from yourself. You will have confidence knowing you are going out as one who is sent on a mission to pursue the goals on the other side of the mountains you are presently facing. (3)

Speak to those mountains, knowing they will be removed. Speak to those mountains, knowing the solutions to overcome them will be presented before you. Believe in your heart for the vision I have given you before your eyes. Even though there has been delay, there is still a way. Move forward in boldness and confidence, knowing the answers to the questions holding you back will be given you. The answers will not be hidden forever, but will be revealed as you continue ask, seek, and knock. (4)

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