Step Out Of The Boat To Walk In Faith

Neil Vermillion —  May 1, 2020 —  Comments

There are works set before you to do. There are tasks waiting for you to execute. There are assignments stored, just waiting for you to accomplish. As you feel your heart’s desire continue to increase, as you feel compelled to step out of the boat and walk in faith, understand this is my spirit calling out to you, inviting you to step out. (1)

As you step out of the boat, and begin the walk of faith you will find the life you have always wanted. You will find the life you deeply desire. You will find the fulfillment of your purpose and destiny. As you find and discover these things, you will not be tempted to look back to your former way of living, but will remember your first love and will forget all others. (2)

Your heart and mind will be consumed with a higher perspective, and the things that occupy your time now, will be thrown onto the trash heap, burned, and forgotten. Your walk of faith will ignite a zeal and passion within you that will consume all your lesser desires. It will consume the dross and drivel, leaving only that which is important, valuable, and eternal. All other things will be burnt up, tossed aside, and discarded. (3)

As you grow in your closeness and history in me, your courage will grow and increase, as will your desires to fulfill the eternal call upon your life. You will put your hand to labor and I will bless it. I will bless your efforts as you step forward in faith pursuing what I have called you to accomplish. I will bless your obedience in response to the move of my spirit upon your heart. (4)

However, all these things will not be accomplished from inside the boat. All these things will not be accomplished in the safety and familiarity of your comfort zone. You will be required to abandon your former way of living. You will be required to evacuate your comfort zone. You will be required to forsake what is familiar as you step out of the boat, to walk the walk of faith. (5)

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