Stepping Into A Brand New Land

Neil Vermillion —  September 14, 2016 —  Comments

This is the end of the things of your past. This is a transitionary time, but a brief one. Today is a day of stepping forward into an entirely brand new land, with brand new waters, and brand new air. All you are experiencing and accomplishing will be new for you, and nothing will be the same. But though this is new, and unfamiliar, it is good. This is exactly where your heart has desired to be for so many years. This is exactly where you have longed to be, longed to see, longed to possess for so many years.

So do not allow yourself to return to what you already know. For in this chapter of your life, as you enter in to your new land, things will look somewhat familiar to you, though they are not. Do not return to your former ways, or your former thinking, for today is not yesterday, and yesterday’s clothes will no longer fit you in the land of today. Understand, this is the unveiling of what you’ve been working towards in years past. This is not about waiting, but rather about understanding, cooperating, and possessing.

And in this time of movement do not be tempted to look to your neighbor, for their timing is different than yours. Your timeline is different than those around you, so do not be tempted to compare yourself, particularly your timing, to those around about you, even though they may seem as though they are headed in the same direction to the same destination. Even when similar, they are not the same. They are not intended to arrive at the same time as you. So do not judge yourself according to your peers. Do not look to your own social circle as a means to measure or assess your status or your progress, for your timeline is different.

With this in mind do not consider your past as though it will govern you today. Do not allow your past thoughts and habits to govern your mindset for today. For today, though similar to yesterday, is a new day requiring fresh understanding, fresh approach, fresh concept. Continue to listen to me and come to me again and again seeking confirmation, for I will continue to speak to you and guide you. I will show you the path, along with all its unique and important details, marked out for you specifically.

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