Storms On The Left And The Right

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2020 —  Comments

In the days soon coming the natural circumstances will seem dark and dim, but to those who have eyes to see, my spirit will shine brightly. There will be no need for alarm, no need to fret, worry, or fear, for I will be with you. I will be guiding you, speaking to you, and covering you with my presence. There will be much turmoil, catastrophe, and confusion. People’s stability will shake and they will turn their heads looking for answers, only to be left in wonder and confusion. People will be bewildered, not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to respond. There will be wars, rumors of wars, coups, and conspiracies as the great shakings will not subside. Brother will betray brother, and days will look very bleak and dim. (1)

But for those whose hearts are listening to me, those who have cultivated a history in me and taken the time to know my voice will not be startled. Those who have invested in depth of relationship will hear my voice, but also recognize my hand. They will recognize the direction in which all these things are heading, and though there will be storms on the left and on the right, these storms will not sway the message, nor the heart of the messengers. The storms will not delay tasks that will be accomplished, nor confound or confuse, those whose hearts are already fully surrendered to me, and to my will. (2)

The light will go down and grow dim, but those who are connected will remain connected even still. They rest in the comfort of understanding apart from me you can do nothing. They will stretch out their hands and I will work miracles. I will bring order to their situation, perspective to their direction. I will bring clarity to their confusion, and understanding to their mystery. (3)

In these days, many will scatter. Many will fall away just as a drowning man grasps at anything in order to save his own life. In the streets there will be chaos and panic so do not look to the events in this world to discern your course of action. The path of destruction is wide, so plot your course according to what I reveal to you, rather than what circumstances or conventional wisdom would suggest or dictate. I will preserve and protect you, just as I will provide for you. (4)

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