The Strength, Hope And Perspective You Need

Neil Vermillion —  June 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

Today I am taking the hopes you have abandoned and strengthening them before you. I am taking the areas of your own personal failures and exposing them. I am taking the shame and embarrassment about where you are, who you are, and the choices you’ve made in your past, and I am redeeming them. I am causing you to remember me from years past, and to recollect what I have made available to you. I am causing you to remember your First Love, and the joy in which you received me, and came to know me.

For your heart was fearless. You hope was undiminishable. Your optimism was overwhelming. Your enthusiasm was unmatched. But over the course of years time has taken its toll. You have become tired and have given up on things you ran out of strength. You have doubted my words. You have doubted me. You have doubted you heard from me at all, uncertain that is what even my voice that had spoken to you. You have experienced the pain criticism and misunderstanding. You have walked through the valley of rejection and ostracization, and have done so because of me, and it has taken its toll.

I see all these things, and I know all these things. I know you so intimately, so personally. I know you better than anyone else knows you. I know you even better than you know yourself. I know your motivations, and your thoughts. I know why you made the choices you have made. I know why you followed me and the reason you did not follow another. I know all these things, and I see all these things, and these are the very choices and actions I am going to redeem.

I am going to give back to you the years you have given to me. I am going to multiply the investment of your faith and obedience. I am going expand your horizon, and advance you beyond your years. I am going to reward your humility. I am going to account for all the losses and pain and rejection, and will repay you for all that has been damaged, restoring what I gave to you initially.

For you did not conceive these things, but rather they were given to you. You did not create them, orchestrate them, nor engineer them. But rather, you discovered them. You stumbled upon them. You were directed to them by the inspiration of my spirit. You did not choose me, but I chose you. You did not pick this path, but rather this path was selected for you. And as you grew in this awareness and knowledge the call upon your life became self-evident. It became self-evident the total package involved, not only the times of ease, but also the times of struggle, stress, and pressure.

And because I revealed it to you, you followed me still. You followed me in spite of the difficulty, not because you wanted to go through these things, but because you heard my voice, and you knew it was me. You knew I was the one who called you. And as the self-evident call upon your life become loud and clear, you did not reject it or run away from it, but instead you ran to embrace it and receive it.

So trust in me and trust in my plans for you. Even though you feel finished, even though you feel at the end of your strength and capacity, know I am anything but finished with you yet. Know my plans for you are far from complete. Know I have seen all the pain, all the delay, all the difficulty, confusion, and suffering, and have taken it all into account, and even this day am beginning the redemption and restoration on your behalf.

So do not look to your present situation, as though it were final. Do not look to your past, as if it were an accurate indicator of your future. Do not look to the things you have abandoned and forgotten over the years, but look to me. Look to me in all these things and trust in me. Trust in me. Trust in my plans for you. Trust in my timing. Trust in all I have said. Remember my words and my promises. Do not become disgruntled, fearful, or weary in your well doing, but continue to walk with me in perseverance as I continue to supply you with the strength, hope, and perspective you need.

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