The Strength You Need To Implement Necessary Changes

Neil Vermillion —  August 10, 2016 —  Comments

As I continue to move you past mindset of your past, not only will I give you wisdom to make righteous decisions, but I will also give you strength to implement necessary changes too. I have granted you the discernment to identity the problem, and wisdom to identify solutions, and now I am also giving you the strength to make the changes needed. I will give you all the pieces you need, and assist you assembling them together.

Some changes will be clear and easy, and some changes will not. Some solutions will be simple to implement, while some changes will be difficult, uncomfortable, or costly. But I will grant you the strength to make these changes, big or small. I will give you the strength to choose the right path. I will give you the strength to abandon what is familiar and what is known, in order to adopt what is new and needed.

For the answers and solutions will require innovation. The changes needed will require new tasks, and new actions, along with new mindsets. But in spite of their discomfort, and in spite of the unknown, I will give you the strength to do what you know to be right. I will reveal the strength and freedom already granted to you, and you will see things from my perspective, knowing you have been given victory already.

And even habits from old, habits since before your youth, will fall. Even mindsets you’ve always held on to will be broken, for my strength will enable to you to make the right choices and implement all the changes necessary.

My strength is available to you today, and again and again as you need it. My strength for you will not run out. The well of my strength available to you will not run dry, will not be found empty, will not run out. So once again, I am encouraging you to move forward with boldness and confidence, knowing I am giving you the discernment you need, the wisdom you need, and now also, the strength you need too. There is no good thing I will withhold from you, but I will give you all you need and even more.

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