Sweeping Away The Stumbling Blocks In Your Path

Neil Vermillion —  June 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have opened your eyes to the view offered you today. And though you see it, you do not always understand it. So ask of me, and I will give you understanding to the revelation already presented to you. Ask of me, and sit with me. Do not be impatient. Do not be anxious, but remain with me in fellowship together, listening and receiving all I have for you. For in doing so I will speak to you, guide you, and instruct you, and will do so with great precision, as I make plain the meaning of what I have shown and given you.

For you seek knowledge and seek answers, as if you do not know where to ask. You seek answers for your present situations, as if you cannot find the answer. But come to me and ask of me. Inquire of me and I will speak to your heart. I will speak to your situation and give you understanding and awareness. I will give you inspiration and insights you did not previously possess. I will give you what you lack, and will guide you to the path of understanding. In your times of confusion and uncertainty, come to me and I will give you useful, helpful, and welcomed insights.

There is a mindset within you to remain independent of me, in things you think you understand, in things you think you can control. But this independence is false. There is nothing apart from me, for I am before all things, and in me all things are held together. There is nothing I do not know or understand already. So share with me in all things, the difficult, unpleasant, and confusing. For as you do, you will find I am there with you already, waiting to supply you with the answer and remedy you need.

Walk with me in all things, and your heart will be enamored, no longer looking to conventional solutions but looking to me for all things. As we walk together we will uncover and dismantle the mindset of independence within you that clutters and dilutes my words. We will identify and eradicate the notions of my limits, as if I were limited in any way, for any reason, and replace them with the truth of my knowledge and involvement. And in this place of experiential knowledge your discrepancies will become irrelevant. As you see and know me as I truly am, the minute details that carry no real impact, yet function as a stumbling block in your path, will be swept away.

So come away with me, and know me, and experience me. Learn of me, and listen to me. Receive what I have for you, particularly in times you need me most. For as you do, you will find I am already aware, already active, already involved and prepared.

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