Taking Full Action In The Innovations Of Today

Neil Vermillion —  May 16, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this present season do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. Do not hesitate to innovate and explore. Do not be reluctant to make significant changes, even drastic changes, to your habits and lifestyle. Do not hesitate for this is a time of not only adaptation, but true innovation taking new ideas and finding relevant applications in order to improve your present and future state.

Doing so will require a certain level of courage, for you will have to tolerate risk and the unknown. Though you will gain much for making these changes, you will also have to tolerate the cost and potential loss you may incur as well. But do not allow the threat of loss prevent you from moving forward. Do not allow fear to stop you or hinder you. Do not allow the uncertainty of what might happen, block you from realizing and materializing what must happen.

In this day, and in this present season of time, I am giving you specific insights, ideas, and innovations. Know you are not receiving random or useless ideas. Know you are not perceiving noise, distortion, or distraction. I am giving these things to you deliberately and specifically but also strategically too. Do not compare them to what is common, worthless, or irrelevant, but walk by faith, putting yourself into motion according to what I am setting before you, as you take meaningful, deliberate, and decisive action.

Take action, and remain faithful, for as you initiate movement the results you will produce will surely transpire, but also accumulate, over time. Keep your eye and focus upon the short term actions, measuring them against long term results. Your tendency will be to invert this perspective, giving emphasis to short term results; thus drawing final conclusions prematurely. Be mindful of this tendency and do not fall prey to its impatience disguised as wisdom, for this kind of conventional thinking will keep you precisely where you are, and will not allow you to move past your present boundaries.

Understand what I am giving you has multiple results. It will not accomplish merely a single task, but will accomplish many things simultaneously. Remain faithful to the process initiated in your life as a result of the doors I have opened before you. In doing so you will submit to my will for your life in both the long term as well as the short term. You will remain synchronized to the schedule I have dictated and engineered on your behalf and will be, and remain, blessed because of it.

Do not look to the results of yesterday as a means to measure or validate its worth, for yesterday has passed. Look to me today, and follow the inspiration of my spirit, particularly as you advance in to new realms, with new ideas, resulting in new expressions from within your heart and mind, begging, burning, and yearning to manifest more honestly and more completely.

Follow the whisper of my voice and do not allow cowardice to deceive, nor influence, you. Follow the whisper of my voice knowing you will not only survive, but will thrive and prosper as you function as a welcomed blessing in your ministry and service to others.

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