Taste The Goodness And Be Satisfied

Neil Vermillion —  October 5, 2016 —  Comments

As you step out in faith, continuing to follow the leadership of my spirit, you will also encounter newer and bigger realms of discovery. You will discover what I’ve known all along and it will bring your heart so much joy. You will begin to taste the satisfaction of the fruits of your labor from days past. You will continue to grow and plant and harvest, but now you will also take the time to eat and enjoy too.

You will see the works of my hands and the evidence in your life, and you will know I am your God, the author, originator, and perfecter of all you know, experience, and perceive. You will increase you in sensitivity to hearing my voice, and your disposition will become increasingly responsive too.

And as you dismantle the mindsets you have accumulated over the years you will find and enjoy the freedom you have in me. For I will not hinder you. I will not restrict you. I will not hold you back in any way, but will encourage and empower you to pursue all the desires I’ve placed within you, using the talents I’ve given you to do so.

In this place of freedom you will discover who you are and what you’ve been called to you in our wonderful fellowship together. You will experience creativity and possibility beyond what you had previously thought possible and your heart will be alive with its potential. Allow me to confront and remove your limiting mindsets. Allow me to confront and remove the hurts and anchors within your heart so you can be truly free in every way. Allow me to confront and remove the hindrances holding you back, diminishing your true potential. For in doing so I will remind you and reveal to you how you have been liberated already.

And with this in mind you will begin to see yourself more truly. You will understand where you are more clearly. You will see me more accurately and understand what I am saying. For it is my desire that you walk in the understanding made available to you. There is no good thing I will withhold from you. There is no blessing I desire to keep from you. There is no need I desire to frustrate within you. So allow me to guide you to these realms of your freedom, the freedom you have already been given, yet do not fully perceive or understand, so you may taste its goodness and be satisfied.

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