Temporary Paradoxes Currently Manifesting In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  April 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Though you feel I am distant and unaware, let me assure you I have my finger on your pulse. Though you cannot always see me, know I am involved in your day-to-day goings on. Though you cannot always perceive my activity, know I am close as your heartbeat. And though you do not always understand everything, trust and know I have a plan that takes all things into consideration.

For my love for you is great, and even though you have tasted my goodness, even still there is so much more in store for you. So do not doubt, merely because things do not line up with your preconceived ideas and notions. Do not worry, just because your life looks different than you thought it would or should. Do not reside in inner turmoil or conflict, for I have given you my peace. And in all these things, in all these ways, day after day, I have made myself freely and completely, available to you.

So once again I invite you to drink from me. For I see you grow tired, and I see you lose your way. I see you become anxious and wonder if you have heard correctly. I see the stress and fear within you, so do not walk alone, but know I am with you still, no matter what happens in this world. For nothing will separate you from my great love.

My great love for you knows no bounds. Nothing in all creation is able to separate you from my great love, so put your trust in this truth, and rest in me, and what I have for you, even in spite of apparent and temporary paradoxes currently manifesting in your life.

For even still I am greater than these light and momentary afflictions and paradoxes. I am greater than all these things, and will continue to reveal myself to you again and again, day after day, over the course of today, tomorrow, and all of eternity.

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