The Answer Is Already There

Neil Vermillion —  December 6, 2016 —  Comments

When you see nothing before you, no answer is present, no course or direction is evident, open your mind and heart to what I will share with you. For though you do not see the road, or the next step, know I have seen it all already. I have mapped your course and have set you on the right path, in the right direction, at the right time. So though you do not see the answer before you now, trust the answer is there. Though you do not understand the process or the timing, trust the answer is there already.

I will speak to you and guide you. I will encourage you and empower you. I will walk with you day by day. Though your cares weigh you down, listen to my still small voice. I will grant you what you are lacking. I will teach you what you do not know. I will support you in your calamity, and your heart will remain alive. So understand all these things are working together for your good. This time may be difficult, but it is growing you, and increasing your capacity to trust, move, and love.

Though unpleasant, it is good. Though difficult, it is good. Though confusing, it is good. And because it is good, you will enjoy the fruit it bears. Because it is good you will see and appreciate the wisdom of the process. Because it is good, you will understand not only the process and the timing better and better as you continue to grow and progress, but also my heart and my motivation too.

For I will reveal my heart as I continue to reveal my plans. I will reveal my nature as you see the movement of my hand. And you will come to know my heart, not only my ways. You will know my intention, not only my commands. You will know my desire, not only my plans. And as you come to know my sentiment, the desires and intentions of my heart, you will make peace with your present status in life, knowing it serves a purpose, knowing it is bringing about the very best for you.

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