The Answers You Need

Neil Vermillion —  March 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

The answers you need will look very different than the answers you seek. For you seek one thing, but need another. You seek what make sense to you in this moment, but what you need is altogether different. So open your eyes that I may show you the answers you need, not the answers that validate your present way of thinking. Open your ears to hear the answers you need, not the answers that make you feel good. Open your heart that I may speak true revelation to you, not regurgitated manna from years passed, intended for someone else.

For I have fresh manna for you – manna for today. I have fresh manna for you – manna for you, not someone else. I have not only the freshness and relevance you absolutely need for today, but I also have the direction, revelation, and understanding you must have for what is yet to come. Throw away your childish memes, and forget about the practices of your youth. For though these things were good in their day, and served their intended purpose, they are no longer adequate for tomorrow, for new wine cannot be contained in old wineskins. Discard your mindsets from your youth, and adopt what I have for you this day.

In doing so I will guide you, and will take you past the limits your eyes have seen in the past. I will take you over the top of the boundaries, and will invent and create new options and new possibilities. I will not only innovate and amend, but will also correct the things that were not, but should have been. I will adjust incrementally, and reduce the friction preventing progress.

Listen to my voice, and observe the movement of my spirit. Absorb what I have for you, and eat the daily bread, for in doing so you will possess all you need, and will be ready for not only today, but will also be prepared and positioned for what is coming tomorrow too.

There is a simplicity that is brilliant in its repercussions. It is so simple you will miss it if you rely solely on the strength of your own mind. It is so simple you will not detect its significance. So follow me simply, and lean not on your own understanding, for I will guide you in all your ways, and will surely bring you to, not only the green pastures, but also the ever so still waters.

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