The Appetite for Discovery, Exploration, And Experimentation

Neil Vermillion —  March 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you hear my voice, drink deeply from not only the meanings I share with you, but also the sentiments too. While you desire to know and understand what I am saying, and what I am meaning, also consume the experience of who I am as well. I will engage with your mind in very deep and meaningful ways, but I will also engage with your heart, and with every aspect of your humanity, in very deep and meaningful expressions and experiences as well.

Within you is a desire to experience what has been deemed as impossible. There is a desire to do the impossible, to explore the impossible, to understand the impossible, and to touch, know, realize, and experience things that have been labeled as impossible. There is a desire within you to touch and experience what seems to be forbidden and off limits. There is a capacity and intrigue within you to dive head long into realms of great and unexplainable mystery, and to do so without regard for the outcome, and without fear or consideration of the cost or consequences. (1)

There is a reckless, wild nature within you that will never be satisfied in playing life by the rules, by continually conforming to the expectations of society or conventional norms. There is an expression of insistence that will never be managed, never be caged, never be tamed, and this desire is good.

The wildness I have placed within you is not your enemy. The wildness I have put within you is not an expression given you only so you could repress it. The desire for unlimited, undefined experience is not what you should repress, but is what you should seek. Acknowledge as you learn to empower, explore, and express your desire for greater experience and encounter. For society and religion will encourage you to squelch this desire and repress this voice, but I am not only calling it forth, but also awakening, activating, and strengthening it. I am not only acknowledging its presence within you, but I am fostering, strengthening, and developing it.

Throughout your journey in life you will find a safe and predictable lifestyle will never satisfy you fully. While it is good, and right, and sustainable, and while there is profound wisdom in the safety you enjoy because of it, know there is simultaneously a wild aspect within you demanding to be expressed and experienced. There is a wild, and unpredictable manner that will not accept a safe or sanitized experience as a substitute. This is the call, desire, and capacity for exploration, experimentation, and innovation.

So investigate and explore this wild appetite within you. Even though it contradicts the rules of proper etiquette, let me assure you it has its proper place as a valid means of discovery and expression. Though it seems unruly or unorthodox, it does have a context that will not only be helpful, but essential in your growth, learning, and development.

So understand what I am expressing to you regarding this appetite and desire within you. Acknowledging it, empowering it, and acting upon it by the direction and inspiration of my spirit will not hinder you, but will empower you. Accepting and acknowledging the fire I’ve placed within you will not create problems, but will solve them. Addressing the intentions, motivations, and inclinations of discovery, exploration, and experimentation will lead you to not only greater experience, but also greater understanding and power.

(1) Luke 1:37, Matthew 11:12

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