The Astonishment And Amazement Of Me

Neil Vermillion —  October 27, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to seek me, obey me, and follow me, you will see I am limitless in your pursuit. You will find you can never know all of me. You will never fully comprehend all I am. For though you know me, you know only part. For I am too vast for you to fully know, fully comprehend, fully understand. And while this may alarm some of you, it will delight you as well. For in the pursuit of me you will find there is no end, there is no limit. There is no end to the pursuit of knowing me, and this will awaken your heart, and enamor your heart, and inspire your heart as you come to know me more and more.

For though you are formed in my image, I am beyond small definitions. Though you understand segments, my entirety is far too vast for you. And so you will come to find you will spend the rest of your days in your pursuit of who I am, and this will draw you deeper and deeper in the the knowledge of me, the wonder of me, even the astonishment and amazement of me.

And in your pursuit you will also find that I will not disappoint you. For within your heart you wonder if all the sacrifice, all the trials, all the struggles are really worth it. But as you taste and know my goodness, again and again you will find knowing me is totally worth it, and even more. You will find your pursuit of me will be your most highest priority, your time best spent, your greatest, most valuable devotion as you continually seek me, find me, and experience me.

So rest assured, though you will not comprehend me entirely, you will definitely come to know me in a very real and meaningful way, if you will seek me. And rest assured if you spend the investment of time, patience, energy, love, devotion and perseverance you will be rewarded, and so delighted. For I will be your greatest reward, your greatest pursuit, and nothing, no one else, could ever compare with me.

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