The Beauty And Simplicity Of My Perfect Timing

Neil Vermillion —  February 17, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
Do not be discouraged when there is struggle. Do not be saddened when you experience delays and setbacks that surprise you. For these are all part of the process, and even these things are working to benefit you, grow you, and prepare you. There will be surprises along the way. There will be experiences you did not foresee. So understand this is part of your experience and do not allow it to rob you of your present joy, or to discourage you along the way.

For many of you presume you’re traveling the wrong path when you encounter delay. You presume there is some kind of error because the timing of events did not coincide according to your projections. But let me encourage you these delays, and surprises, are all part of the package. They are all part of the process as a whole, and while they do not seem to be, they are good. They serve a necessary function, and it is good.

So rather than measuring your “correctness” based on a timeline you have constructed, simply follow the path I have for you, and do not concern yourself with things beyond your control. Know all these circumstances, all these obstacles, and all these delays have been accounted for, and none of them will hinder you from your ultimate destination. For though you did not see these surprises I most certainly did, for there are no surprises with me. There is nothing I do not see, nothing I do not know, nothing I am in the process of learning or discovering.

So trust my guidance in your life, in not only the direction, but also the timing too. Allow me to set your pace, your rate, your speed at which you travel and progress. For I see the end, and I know where you need to be, and when you need to be there. Do not fret, or worry, or be discouraged when you encounter delays and experience things that seem to be failures. For I am working with you in all things, even in the things that seem to be your greatest failures. And I will renew, and I will restore, and I will redeem all these things, even without your help.

So do not carry this burden for yourself, but allow me to carry it on your behalf. Discard the notion of your own leadership and embrace the beauty and simplicity of my leadership in your life, especially regarding my perfect timing. For I am supremely committed to all I have started within you already, and I will see all these things come to their fullness and maturity in your life. I am committed and aware of them all – even more than you are – so embrace the peace I offer you, and embrace the simplicity of faith like a child.

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