The Beauty Of My Plans Will Totally Surpass Your Expectations

Neil Vermillion —  June 30, 2015 —  Comments

Let my spirit comfort you. Let my spirit guide you. For you will be brought to those green pastures, and I will lead you to that wonderful place of joy and enchantment, that place your heart, soul, and spirit crave and desire. As you allow me to guide your path, and regulate your timing, you’re going to see the delicate details of my plans for you, and you will be astonished and amazed how it all works out.

For the beauty of my plans will totally and completely surpass your expectations. And though you have an idea, you still see through the glass darkly. I am saying this to you today, do not believe what your eye has seen already. Do not believe what your ear has heard already. Do not believe what your mind has conceived already. For these are but whispers. These are but a foreshadowing to the fullness I have in store for you. And as such, they are small, they are inadequate, they are but types and shadows of what’s in store for you.

The things I’ve done in the past are not the same as the things I will do in the future. so understand, I am doing a new thing in a new way so the models and paradigms of the past will be an inadequate lens for you to use to view my present and future plans for you. It is logical, and it is reasonable to use these previous shadows to predict and attempt to understand the future. But rest assured you will find them to be inadequate to comprehend the fullness of it all.

So allow me to guide you, and allow me to take you where you need to be, at the pace you need to travel in order to arrive on time. For I have all these things in mind, and I am committed seeing the fullness of what I have in store for you come about in its due season.

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