The Call To Activate Your Gifts

Neil Vermillion —  August 15, 2019 —  Comments

I am speaking to you in dreams, visions, and even faint impressions placed upon your heart. There is a depth within you that has been previously dormant, but it is my plan for you to awaken and activate this depth. It is my plan to call it forth as I bring it to the place of activation. I am calling you to step out and exercise your gifts. I am calling you to allow them to flow through you freely, without hindrance. The gifts I have given you, and called you activate, but also develop, are for this day and season. (1)

While it will seem peculiar on the outset, it will seem marvelous when it is complete. When all things have matured, and all things have been fully developed you will see the wisdom of the plans I have laid before you. Even though your natural mind would like to understand it now, know I have hidden it from you so you will not see the end before you begin. You will not see the end until the end, and you will not understand it until that day comes. When the appearing happens, then your eyes will be opened, you will see and you understand it all with a greater appreciation, but also a greater context as well. Until this day, you will have to walk by following the bread crumbs laid before you. You will have to walk by faith. (2)

The dreams set before you will guide you, but the dreams given you will also serve to guide others. It will be a time of easy revelation, rapid acceleration, and exciting adventure in the things of the supernatural, mysteries, and the unexplainable. Hindrances will be removed and rapid increase will chase you down and overtake you. All the years of preparation will come to your recollection and you will remember how we spent years training together, in your wilderness seasons. (3)

This recollection will set you forth with great confidence knowing you have been called, knowing you have been chosen, and knowing you have been prepared. So understand these dreams are for you, but also for others. Do not be shy, reluctant, nor hesitant to share these dreams with others for this is the nature of their manifestation and activation. In all things I will give you greater discernment, when to share, who to share with, and what to say. Trust in your heart I will give you the words to say, to communicate the dreams given you, for you have been called to be a mouthpiece and trumpet as you proclaim the truth and beauty of all I have given you. (4)

Your job will be to deliver the message and allow the hearers to receive it, or not. Your job will be to deliver the message, and do so completely, accurately, and honestly. My job will be to work on hearts and turn generations to the course I have marked out for them. Remember to do your part, knowing you have a small contribution, and small understanding, as you remain confident I will initiate, but also complete, my part as well. (5)

My spirit goes before you in all these things. My spirit is pushing you forward rapidly, for now is the day to awaken, but also possess the things I have laid before you to reclaim, recapture, renew, repurpose, and redeem. Today is a day of taking great advance in the kingdom as you take the territory ahead of you. (6)

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