The Capacity To See And Discern

Neil Vermillion —  July 25, 2018 — Leave a comment

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Though you feel the pressures of the day weighing heavily upon your shoulders, understand the weight is also strengthening you. No doubt, it will slow you down, and it will certainly wear you out over time, but remember in this process strength is being developed, endurance is increasing, and patience is maturing within you. While the pressures of the day are not particularly pleasant or enjoyable, they are especially helpful and beneficial to you in the long term. So do not place your focus or emphasis upon the here and now, but look past what is seen, for what is seen is only temporary.

With your focus past the here and now, allow me to attach the value and meaning to the events, ideas, and experiences you encounter today. I will give you insights that will allow you to more accurately and more enjoyably navigate the maze of choices, confusion, or conflicts you encounter. I will provide not only the direction, but will also help to provide you with the interpretation to what I am revealing to you so you can understand today in order to make sense of how to respond in the future as well.

In this you will come to experience not only my mind as an instructor, showing you what you need to learn and helping you make sense of it along the way, but also my heart as one who is actively involved and cares about you and your well being deeply. You will find the cliché’ themes you have relied upon in the past, will pale in their comparison to the truth and reality I am presenting to you, as the pressures of the day strip away the shallow and inadequate facade, exposing them for who and what they really are.

In this light you will certainly see. Not only will you see, but you will also understand and discern what I am showing you. With this capacity to both see and discern, the lessons and understanding gained through the crucible of the pressures of the day will be more than valuable to you. The lessons and understanding you acquire will not but irrelevant, but essential, not only in terms of what you come to know, understand, and posses, but also in the way it will deepen and strengthen our relationship together, as you learn what you need to learn, but also come to know me more personally and more intimately too.

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