The Celebration Of your Personal Signature

Neil Vermillion —  July 11, 2019 —  Comments

I am putting within you a new song – a song of joy, freedom, and hope. This song will be a melody played to you again and again, in times of your victory, as well as your times of great need. Remember this song, for it is your song, and will be a song unique to you, a song like no other. This song will be so personal to you, and it will take a life time to craft. The times of weeping will come as a byproduct of the experiences required in order to surpass the limits of your present circumstances, ways of thinking, and models of behavior. (1)

The tears themselves are not necessary, but the path that produces these tears is very necessary. The path producing real, lasting change and transformation will be littered with tears on every side from time to time. Do not lose heart, for these tears are but temporary. As you see the fruits of your faithfulness begin to manifest in your life, the fear of the your own tears will diminish. (2)

The desire to desperately seek comfort at all costs will begin to fade as well, as you continue to seek me in all things. My eyes are roaming throughout the Earth to find those whose hearts are surrendered to me. And as I find you, I will lift you up, and bring you through place of darkness, as I lead you with confidence, boldness, and courage. Even though the cost to follow is real, and the sacrifice required is real, the rewards are immeasurably greater. (3)

So know, there will be days of hardship before you, as you continue walk the path leading to the composition of your new song. This song, and the path you are traveling in this life, will twist and turn, but remember you are always free to choose. You are always free to cooperate, or not. You are free to follow, or not. It is up to you to play along, or not. While my spirit within you will guide and assist you, remember you are always free to choose for yourself which path you choose. (4)

So open your ears; open your eyes; open your heart and sing the new song. The song of celebration will be your personal signature, your own personal fingerprint of your history in me, in our exploration and composition of your melody of your heart. (5)

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