The Challenge Of Receiving And Adopting My Revelation

Neil Vermillion —  June 7, 2018 — Leave a comment

As I speak to you in the quiet times consider what I am saying, but also consider how it affects your heart. For some of the words I will say to you will spark interest, curiosity, and fascination, while other words I speak will inspire irritation, perplexity, doubt, and trepidation. Be mindful of these reactions and responses to the words and images I share with you, particularly when you are quiet, for they will give you greater insight as to the matters, mindsets, and issues currently active within your heart.

When I show you pleasant things, how do you respond? When I show you unpleasant things, how do you respond? When I move you into a new direction, how do you respond? When I do not answer your questions, how do you respond? Consider these things for they will illuminate hidden dimensions and perceptions currently held and operating within your own framework. These insights will allow you to understand the reality of the ideas you are holding on to this minute – as well as the ideas that are holding on to you – even those which you do not know you hold, or believe to be true with your conscious mind.

This habit and practice of observing your response to what I say and show to you is not about self reflection, or self evaluation, but rather a diagnosis of points of pain, confusion, and honesty inspired by my spirit. With these points identified we will explore and examine them more closely, allowing you to not only see them, but understand them intimately and personally for yourself. And with this understanding I will strengthen what is good, so it will remain and will continue to grow and increase; while simultaneously I will diminish what is not good, so it will wither and die, no longer influencing or impacting you.

Also understand this process of observation and revelation by my spirit will give way to growth and death, and will be uncomfortable at times. For some of what needs to die in your life, the ideas, ideologies, mindsets, and sentiments is not the best for you. Though it may be familiar, and though it may be known and comfortable, it will need to be removed. So with this in mind, do not hold on to the things I am removing from your life, though the process itself may by uncomfortable. Do not hold to what you know is not true, righteous, or good, but allow me to remove it entirely, as I continue to reveal truth and application in your life.

Walk not only in the freedom afforded you, but also in the boldness and courage I have given you, particularly as you face what is new and unknown. With your courage you will advance in unexplored territory, and do so without stumbling along the way. Rely on me, my spirit, my guidance, and my provision as we continue to dismantle, reject, and discard all the rubbish of your past and present ways of thinking and behaving.

Rely on all I have for you this day, not worrying or fearing what is yet to come. Continue to allow me to direct your focus, so you will not be distracted from what is eternally important, nor revert back to familiar habits and mindsets we are currently correcting and removing.

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