The Choice For Fruit That Will Last

Neil Vermillion —  September 1, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to know me more and more I will continue to grow you past your limits and comfort zones of yesterday. For my will for you is to grow and flourish and continue to do so, not to remain in what’s familiar, known, and comfortable to you. I will guide you and I will point you in the right direction, but it will be up to you to cooperate with me, and follow that guidance. For though I have plans for your life, though I have purpose and destiny for your life, I am not going to force you to cooperate or to follow. You always have had the freedom to choose, and so you do now, and so you will always.

But understand as you make your choices I will honor those choices and you will receive what’s due you accordingly. For surely you will reap what you sow. So with this in mind I want to encourage you to choose life, to choose the path I’ve laid out for you. For my path for you will lead to your fulfillment. It will lead to your destiny in me. It will lead you to joy immeasurable. It will lead you to the place close to me and close to my heart. And in this place you will find all your satisfaction forever more.

And as you follow the path laid before you, understand part of this path will be to push and stretch your limits, and to push and stretch your mindset, and to push and stretch your comfort zone. So do not be confused when you are presented with challenges. Do not be confused when I uproot your theology. Do not be confused when I upset your calm, safe, stable and predictable routines and lifestyle. For I will prune you and purge you so you will truly grow and flourish to produce even more fruit. For I am your Vinedresser willing to tend to your growth and health with a long term perspective.

So as you see the tables in your life being overturned, understand this process will liberate you and set you free. For it is because of freedom I have died for you, my Dearly Beloved. It is for freedom I have reconciled the world to myself. It is for freedom I have given you the option to choose life, or to choose death. So choose wisely, but know I am committed to growing you and liberating you from bondage, limits, hurts, and heartaches that are holding you back. For I will prune these things from you so you will truly grow and flourish and be able to bear even more good fruit, fruit that will last.

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