The Choice To Share In Difficulties

Neil Vermillion —  June 14, 2019 —  Comments

I am putting a new song within your heart, and I am putting a new song within your mind and spirit. Even though the struggles in your life are very real, my presence is also very real. While you set yourself aside from the things of this world to draw yourself close to me, surely I will sustain you and encourage you, but also cause my joy to overwhelm you in my unbridled bliss. (1)

The pain and sacrifice in the life you are experiencing is no small thing, and as a result you will not be able to sustain it yourself in many ways. Do not try to preserve yourself, but look to me to sustain and preserve you. Come to me, and put your worries, cares, hurts, fears, and disappointments on my shoulders, for I care for you and I am exceedingly able to bear all these things on your behalf. I desire to lighten the load of your troubled mind. I desire to make your crooked paths straight. I desire to manifest my joy in times of your sorrow, so you will not lose hope, and will not lose your way. (2)

You can enjoy the fellowship of my presence even while in the middle of great difficulty, for my joy surpasses and transcends circumstances. In all these things, you are being presented with opportunities to make choices. And in these choices you have the option to open yourself up to me, or to close yourself off from me. The choice is yours, but know, as you choose to open your heart to my spirit, I will also enter in to your dark places, your hurting places, and all you find disgusting, unpleasant, and unmentionable. (3)

I will renew your fire, passion, and perspective as you engage with me in the deepest parts of your being. As you encounter me in the highly personal manner, you will forget the temporal distractions and experience the joy and bliss of eternity.

Your eyes have not seen what is laid up in store for you, and what is fully available to you even in this moment. Your eyes have not seen the fullness, nor even a small glimpse, of what lies before you in the days ahead, nor have you fully comprehended what is before you this day. There will be times of great difficulty, but there will also be times of great reward and fulfillment. As you continue to endeavor forward you will surely begin to assemble the pieces to the puzzle of your life, and your perspective and appreciation of it all will increase. (4)

There are many unanswered questions before you, and there are many things that simply do not make sense to you now. But know there is coming a day, when things will be explained and revealed, and you will see and understand them all. So many things will be reconciled within your mind and it will all make so much sense to you, so do not lose heart in the short term, for what lies in store is far greater than what will be required of you.

Know you and I can be as close as you desire, by simply opening your heart to me, and opening your hurts to me. I will take you and heal you. I will sustain you, and keep you. I will encourage and empower you, so do not delay. Do not continue to carry all of these things yourself, but cast them onto me and I will carry them for you. (5)

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