The Comfort Of Our Secret Place

Neil Vermillion —  June 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

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As you sit with me and come away with me into our secret place, remember the accusation of the day will not follow you. In me, and with me, you will find no accusation, no condemnation against you. You will refresh your memory as you re-discover just how much I love you already. In this remembrance you will experience the joy and freedom your heart needs, especially as a solace away from the busyness, difficulty, and responsibility of the day.

While these things are very real, also very real is my great love and my great comfort for you. I have known you since before the beginning and love you even still. So come to me with this assurance for I will never turn you away. Come to me with this confidence, for I know what you have need of even before you ask, even before you perceive or identify the need for yourself. Come to me in the celebration and acknowledgement of our joy and fellowship together, for in all these things I have made myself freely and completely available to you. In all these things I have given you direct and complete access to me, and done so generously without hindrance, without condition, approval, or requirement. (1)

As you come away with me in our secret place you will enjoy the fellowship of my presence, allowing you to be refreshed from the cares and difficulties of this day. For in my presence there is fullness of joy so continue to abide with me, under the shadow of my wing, where you will delight yourself in my mercies forever more. And as you do, you will certainly not be disappointed, for all good things come from me, and are found in me. As you abide with me, without fear, anxiety, stress, or condemnation you will enjoy the liberty afforded you as we share together in the here and now, as well as what is yet to come. (2)

(1) Jeremiah 1:5, Hebrews 4:16
(2) Psalm 16:11, Psalm 17:8, Micah 7:18, James 1:17

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