The Conception Of Achievement

Neil Vermillion —  July 14, 2016 —  Comments

I will continue to speak to you time and time again. Though you find yourself in the midst of confusion and uncertainty from time to time, know I will bring you out of it, if you will listen to my spirit and allow me to guide you. Though you wonder who you are, and what you have been called to accomplish, understand I will reveal and confirm these to you, and do so with great confidence and definition as I speak to you. For you desire to know and understand, and rightly so.

So allow the author of your faith and understanding to instruct you in all these things. Allow the originator of your purpose to inhabit the secret realms of your inspiration and spark the ingenuity necessary to implement new innovation, without repeating mistakes or iterations of the past. Your desire to comprehend is a good desire, so allow me to fulfill it. Your desire to comprehend is righteous and necessary, and surely I will grant it.

So move in the direction I am pulling you towards. Walk through the doors I am opening before you now, and have already opened. Move without hesitation, without delay, knowing it is my spirit that is guiding you, even though it may look different than you originally conceived. For I will draw you away from the false, and bring you to a closer perception of the truth. I will demolish shadows as I continually shine the light of comprehension and illumination on your path. You will grow and you will see, and as you do, you will no longer continue the habits from your past, for you will see the error of your ways.

You will walk in a new dimension of understanding as you continually adopt the lessons of yesterday and apply them today. You will walk in greater power and competency as you consistently and faithfully follow all I show you, all that is true and have revealed to you. For it is my desire to show you, to teach you, to instruct you, and to empower you. It is my desire for you to not only conceive of achievement, but to actually possess and embody it too.

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