The Continual Revelation Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  July 4, 2018 — Leave a comment

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Even though you know me already, even though you have considerable history in relationship with me already, even though you are well acquainted with my spirit and my methods and my timing, even still there is so much in store for me to reveal to you. I will reveal my will, my plans, my ways, and so many things, but most importantly I also will continue to reveal who I am as well. I will not isolate you in engagement with only my hands, but will make myself accessible to you so you can also come to know my heart. You will certainly know my hand, but you will also come to know my heart.

So when I speak of revelation, understand this includes ideas, practices, events and the like, but it also includes my nature, my heart, and who I am as well. I have made my home within you, and have groomed you and fashioned you according to my will. You were bought at a price and belong to me so remain confident of my great love for you, but also remain confident of my intention and desire to continually relate to you and reveal myself to you.

And as you know me more and more, you will come to find there is no one like me. You will come to find there is nothing like me. You will come to find I am altogether lovely, but also altogether unique and completely distinct. You will come to find the mysteries your heart seeks and desires will all be satisfied in me. You will come to find I will not hide myself from you, but will engage with you and intrigue you, inspiring you to know and experience me more and more deeply, and more and more consistently.

Do not be afraid you will become lost, for losing yourself in me is the very purpose and intent of our relationship and bond together. Do not be afraid, as if you will miss what is truly important, but understand knowing me is the top priority. Being with me is the top priority just as fellowshipping with me and allowing me to reveal who I am, and all I am, is also the top priority.

And in this you will not be deceived, but will be overjoyed as you are rewarded time and time again, not only for your faithfulness and responsiveness, but for your obedience and courage, your willingness to face the unknown.

Walk in this assurance, for you will find I am more than delightful. Walk in this knowledge, for you will learn of me, and drink deeply from me. Walk in this confidence, for I am your greatest delight, your greatest endeavor, and your greatest pursuit.

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