The Culmination Of Time Spent In Preparation

Neil Vermillion —  July 22, 2015 —  Comments

In these days, today and days soon coming, you will be ready and prepared to take new ground, and take new territory. So as you see many, many doors opened before you, know this is what I am doing in this hour and in this season for my Dear Ones. It will look different than days past, for you will succeed. You will conquer. You will overcome. These are days of advancement and occupation. So know, I am moving forward, and I am moving my people forward at a surprising and rapid pace.

As you see these events open before your eyes, do not allow memories of past failures to hinder you, or to discourage you, or to cause you to hesitate. For these days are not like the days of old. These are new days, and I am moving with you in new ways, to accomplish new things. And for many of you, these are the days in which you have been waiting for so very long. These will be the days you have spent so many years in preparation. These will be the days of your great fulfillment, the climax and culmination of your time spent in preparation.

So do not mistake this time as being the same as times past. For these days are very different. And as you see the open opportunity set before you, know now is the time to move. Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to advance and activate. The plans I’ve given you will become so relevant, and the experiences of your preparation will now begin to make more sense to you. For you will see my hand, and how I’ve been at work throughout the course of your life, and it will all begin to make more sense.

So as you see the day approaching, do not shrink back or hesitate from taking on new endeavors, new responsibilities, or new relationships. For I am opening all these up to you, my Beloved, and it is a good time to work with me in this way, throughout the Earth, in this season, and in this hour. For these are my plans for you, and I will make them known to you, and I will confirm them to you. And together we will accomplish much.

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