The Day To Be Busy About The Father’s Business

Neil Vermillion —  October 22, 2018 —  Comments

You are moving into a season of increase of the supernatural. There is an igniting, even an explosion, of advancement within the spirit realm for you. So as you begin to see new things, feel new things, hear new things, and sense new things know this is my spirit awakening you to new realms, new truths, new dimensions, new realities, new experiences, and new encounters. This is a day of new beginnings for you, and I am compelling you to move into a higher level of activation. Now is the time to be busy. Now is the time to be active and working about your father’s business. It’s not a time to be preoccupied or distracted with lesser things, but to be intense, focused, and determined in advancing the call upon your life. (1)

As you continue to remain faithful you will see your vision and sensitivity continue to increase. You will know me like you’ve never known me before, for surely I will draw myself close to those who draw themselves close to me and heed my call, and follow, and obey. I will not leave you alone, to walk alone, to work alone, to fight alone. I am with you always, standing with you by your side. I am guiding you. I am calling you. I am helping you, and surely I am activating you. (2)

I am activating the realms of dreams within you. I’m stirring the ancient ways and the ancient paths. I am stirring mysteries within you and you will not be able to find the answers without me. You will have to draw yourself close to me in order to fully understand the mysteries and understand the dreams I’ve put within your night season. Surely I am talking to my loved ones, even while they sleep. Surely I will speak to them in images, symbols, and riddles even when they sleep. (3)

Trust and know this stirring is from me and do not be afraid. Do not be confused. Do not permit your past experiences to cast a dark shadow upon today, for they were all valuable and necessary. Do not dismiss the significance of your present experiences, for they are setting the stage for tomorrow. I am awakening new appetites and capacities within you.

I will compel you. I will encourage you. I will help you to open your mouth to speak, and to broadcast, and to get the message out. I’m causing an increase of sharing what my spirit is saying to you, and causing you to share it with others, for this is the day to be busy about the father’s business. (4)

(1) Isaiah 43:19, Luke 2:49
(2) James 4:8, John 14:18-19
(3) Psalm 16:7, Daniel 7:2
(4) Matthew 22:9-10, Joel 2:28-29

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