The Days Ahead Will Delight And Surprise You

Neil Vermillion —  March 25, 2020 —  Comments

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The days soon upon you will require a flexible mindset. The days soon upon you will not look like you think they will. They will be different, and if you are too strict, rigid, or inflexible in your interpretation you may misunderstand what is happening. You may not know how to respond because your presumptions will cloud your interpretation of what you should do. So allow me to encourage you to be open to changes. Be open to things turning out differently than you think they should. Hold on to your plans, timelines, and understanding how it will all manifest, but hold on to them loosely. (1)

The days ahead of you will surprise you. They will delight you, but they will surprise you. They will require a flexible, teachable attitude to continue to remain synchronized in what I am doing. It will require you to let go of some preconceived ideas of who I am, what I will do, and the time in which I will do it. You will be surprised at the people I have selected to carry forth my plans, and to execute with excellence what I have assigned them to accomplish. My plans are not your plans, and I will affect change very differently than any man would ever suspect. (2)

So prepare yourself for rapid changes and for many surprises. Also prepare yourself for delight and rapid advancement, for wave after wave will crash upon the shore, washing away the debris, sweeping away the junk and the mire. My wind will blow the chaff, and the wheat will remain. Prepare your hearts and minds and continue to remain open, flexible, and teachable.

Even though you have an understanding, though I have revealed things to you, and you have understood them, there is still so much yet to be revealed. There is still mystery surrounding how all my plans will be accomplished, how all these events will unfold, and who I will choose to do my work, so remain flexible. Hold on to your plans, but hold on to them loosely. (3)

(1) Romans 12:2, Philippians 4:12-14, Romans 15:13
(2) Psalm 37:4, John 15:16, 1 Peter 2:9, Isaiah 55:8-9
(3) Proverbs 15:32, Psalm 1:4, Proverbs 16:9

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