The Depth Needed In Your Personal History

Neil Vermillion —  August 31, 2018 —  Comments

There will be significant growth for you, not always because you venture into new directions, implement new methods, or establish new relationships, but also because you are faithful with what you have already been given. Surely new things implemented will enhance your life and bring new aspects, perspective, knowledge, and experience. But also worthwhile and valuable is the depth of experience acquired not by implementing something new, but by the consistency of faithful commitment. While you will be inclined to leave your land in order to venture into new territories, understand there is also great value and significance in staying where you are and planting, prospering, and thriving in the land of your father.

There will be days and seasons in which I will call you to advance, to take new ground, and to enter into new lands. There will surely be times in which you will be required to leave what you know behind and venture forward into what I have for you. Conversely, there will be days and seasons in which your heart and mind will be inclined to look for something new, something different, something outside your current realm and spectrum, but I will require you to remain where you are.

I will keep you planted in your present ground so you will be able to acquire depth, history, and stability right where you are, without having to uproot yourself to travel to a new place. I will keep you here, and bring you, and reveal to you, the things you need but also the wealth afforded you already.

So enjoy the consistency and stability of working in the environment you know already. Enjoy the familiar and all it offers. Embrace what I have given you without regret or disappointment, but with gratitude knowing what I have given you is more than sufficient. Enjoy this moment, this land, and these people, for they are exactly where you are, what you need, and relevant and significant for this present day and season, allowing you to eliminate supplementary variables in order to focus on building and acquiring the depth needed in your personal history.

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