The Depth Of Revelation You Need And Desire

Neil Vermillion —  March 15, 2019 —  Comments

There are layers to meanings and symbols I have given you, but its fullness will all take coming together as one body, a community and family, each part giving its contribution to the whole. This is all part of my plan and design for community. While you will be given much in terms of revelation and answers to questions and mysteries, others will also have been given answers as well. So do not be hesitant to share with others, and do not be hesitant to receive from others too. (1)

Over the course of time you will grow in understanding and grow in the interpretation of all these things. What used to take you weeks will soon only take you hours. What used to take you hours will soon only take you seconds. In this present season I have given acceleration to those who have shown themselves faithful and consistent. This is a day and season of rapid advancement. Know while things may have started slowly in the beginning, the pace will accelerate as you continue to remain faithful, ask consistently, and sit with me in the warmth of my counsel and presence. (2)

My ways are not your ways, and the way in which I choose to reveal these mysteries will not always seem to be logical to you. It will not seem reasonable to outsiders. It will not be a method you can figure out. As you continue sow seeds of time into my process, know the rewards will be great, and you will surely reap a harvest for doing so, if you do not give up. (3)

For those of you who desire to know me by my spirit, and to encounter me face to face, I will not hide myself from you. I will reveal many, many wonderful things, and in the revelation of all these things you will be ignited with joy, bliss, and fulfillment as you gain, and continue to gain, revelation and understanding. (4)

There is a veritable fountain available to you to draw from. As you have been given a good foundation, a solid rock to build upon, you will also grow in the place of connecting with a source so large you cannot contain nor measure it. There is so much knowledge available to those who are hungry, and surely they will eat and be filled. While you have not yet tasted of the depth of this ocean, know there is so much more still available for you. There is still so much more in store for you. (5)

All this will come about by due process for those who are hungry. For those who are willing to hunt and continue to hunt, and for those who are willing to search and keep on searching, new manna will continually be given to them. While some will give up easily, and some will stop before they reach their fullness, others will not stop, but will press on and go further in their quest of searching me and experiencing all I have to offer. (6)

The mysteries I will reveal to you are vast, so trust as you continue to seek me, come away with me, know me not only by your mind, but also by your heart and also by your spirit, you will surely be filled with the satisfaction and revelation you desperately want, and so deeply desire.

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