The Door Of My Gentleness

Neil Vermillion —  June 23, 2015 —  Comments

There is a tenderness within my heart I want to reveal to you. There is a gentleness within my heart I desire to make real in your life. There is a softer, gentler side of my heart I desire for you to come to know. For in my gentleness you will become confident of my love for you, and you will not doubt. You will not fear me, or run away and hide. In my gentleness you will see my compassion and you will begin to feel the fire of my desire and passion for you.

For you are so very dear to me. Even though you’ve heard, you’ve not experienced the depths of my great passion for you. For my love is a roaring ocean, unable to be measured, any my passion a roaring fire unable to be quenched, unable to be contained, unable to be comprehended. But nevertheless, it is my plan to reveal my great love for you. And in this revelation of my love you will be overwhelmed. You will be consumed and swept away with the magnitude and the vastness of my immeasurable, incomprehensible love for you.

And this revelation of the vastness of my love for you will be given through the door of my gentleness. For my tenderness and my gentleness will confront and destroy many of the lies you hold within your heart towards me. My gentleness and my tenderness will expose and destroy the accusation in your heart you hold towards me. And my tenderness and my gentleness will expose and destroy many of the obstacles lying between us as you walk down the path of the knowledge and experience of me.

I will reveal my kindness, my tenderness, my gentleness to you, and you will no longer fear me. You will no longer run away from me. And you will know my love for you, and you will become confident in it. You will become confident in my never-ending love for you, as you sit with me in silence, soaking in my gentleness. For my gentleness towards you will establish my heart for you and my love for you, for it will confound your rational, transactional way of thinking. It will blow up your conventional wisdom, for it will not fit in your easy-to-explain little anecdotes you have of me.

It will force you to come to really know me, rather than simply know about me. And in this place of tenderness of my heart, you will truly come to know me, and you will see me, and we will learn to abide together.

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