The Elasticity Of What I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 13, 2017 —  Comments

And you will see how following my will for your life is most righteous and excellent, even though my timing oftentimes seems too slow and too late. Over the course of time you will see it come to pass, the wonderful detail and glorious majesty of all that I am working in you and through you. You will see the big things, and the little things, and will be amazed at what I have planned for you, and what I have already set aside for you.

I see time differently than you see it, and I understand cycles and seasons differently than you understand them. So know I am working to bring you through all these things, even in spite of yourself, and will continue to do so, with, without, or even against your knowledge or permission. My plans are not contingent upon your knowledge or approval. My plans are not contingent upon your cooperation. My plans are not contingent upon the correction of the irrelevant details you like to hold on to for validation and control.

Let me open your heart fully, and do not resist the movement of my voice in your life, for I am moving radically, but also gently. I am moving gradually, but also profoundly. I am moving in paradoxes, and mysteries. I am moving through confusion, and chaos, so do not limit yourself to responding to my voice as it begins to manifest outside of your traditional norms, and beyond what you believe to be possible, or reasonable.

I am stretching your mind, and I am stretching your circumstances. I am stretching your heart and I am stretching your hands. I am stretching your lifespan, but also stretching your own capacity and resources to participate and cooperate. Understand the elasticity of the timing I have, and how I am moving, and how I am speaking, and do not continue to limit me or restrict me. Let go totally and completely and allow me to not only guide your direction and intention, but to train your heart and mind too.

For what will be required of you in the future will delight you, particularly as you let go of what is hindering you today and begin to adopt and embrace the fullness of the life I have for you. Tomorrow is a wondrous delight, waiting for you, so do not continue to abide in the rubbish of yesterday, but throw off your filthy rags, and consume all the mystery and adventure set before you, knowing it will not look like yesterday’s manna, but will be new, fresh, different, and even offensive.

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